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The time and financial commitment to manage a network of diverse, interdependent systems with independent localized behavior can be immeasurable.

Our no-code, Event-Based integration platform enables you to simply and powerfully connect your data and systems, in any format, in a fraction of the time, but we haven’t forgotten about the developers.


Omniplexus gives you the ability to upload a Node.js script to run within the platform, allowing you to connect to anything, or as we like to say, Bring Your Own Connectors.


why event-based?

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Omniboom’s Event-Based connectors make it easy to implement asynchronous, event-driven integrations by leveraging Omniplexus, our event streaming and management platform.


Our Event-Driven connectors allow you to connect seamlessly to event-based applications and technologies. These connectors can be used to detect real-world events triggered from systems such as IoT devices, business and social networks, mobile apps and ecosystems, for tech needs such as event meshes, real-time streaming, analytics, messaging brokers and asynchronous APIs.

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events and functions, ready to go

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Our Event-Based Shopify connector has events and functions built-in and ready to go. With a few clicks, immediately bring your Shopify store's products, customers, orders, and other activities into Omniplexus's Event-Driven integration engine through the Shopify connector.  Respond to these events by making updates in your other systems, creating requests for your partners, and raising new events as you integrate across your entire suite of services.



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This happens...

...So do this.

Get Inventory Item
Adjust Product Inventory Batch
Adjust Product Inventory
Update Fulfillment Service
List Fulfillment Services
Get Fulfillment Service
Delete Fulfillment Service
Create Fulfillment Service
Updates Fulfillment Tracking
Send Fulfillment Event
Creates a Fulfillment
Completes a Fulfillment Order
Cancels Lines on a Fulfillment Order
Cancels Fulfillment for an Order
Respond To Fulfillment Request

And more...

Product Created

Product Deleted

Product Updated

Order Cancelled

Order Created

Order Fulfilled

Order Paid

Order Partially Fulfilled

Order Updated

Inventory Item Created

Inventory Item Updated

Fulfillment Created

Fulfillment Event

Fulfillment Order Assigned

Fulfillment Updated

Customer Created

Customer Updated

Update Product
Poll for latest products
List Products
Get Product
Delete Product
Create Product
Update Order
Get Order
Delete Order
Create Order
Cancel Order
Set Product Inventory Batch
Set Product Inventory

Update Customer

Get Customer

about page elements-92.png
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