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New Year, New Look! Intern Spotlight: Meet Rachel!

This past fall, we were fortunate to have found the talents of Rachel Anthony as our graphic design intern. Although we had numerous candidates apply, Rachel stood out immediately as a driven, creative, and professional-beyond-her-years individual, a perfect fit for Omniboom.

Rachel is a junior at Miami University, studying Graphic Design and Interactive Media Studies. She brought to the table extensive on-campus experience and a passion for her field, meeting our challenges head-on and taking on each task with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a team-mindset, all of which are core to Omniboom culture. We brought Rachel on to help us revamp our brand identity, which included our social media presence, website graphics, and brand style guide, among other numerous projects. We asked Rachel to step into a small tech start-up, learn our product, our culture, our mission and vision, and create a brand experience that captures who we are, and we are beyond grateful for her efforts and success!

When asked to share some thoughts on her experience with Omniboom, she shared this:

“...I feel so thankful to have found this internship with Omniboom and so much more thankful to have been able to spend the past couple of months working with this team. I have always been interested in branding and to be able to help refresh Omniboom’s brand has been the best learning experience I could ask for. Working closely with Bonnie has really made me feel very included even though this was a remote experience and it felt as though the work I was doing was extremely appreciated. Everyone has a different approach to remote work from home, and I was so impressed by the way Omniboom was able to create a close culture through daily check-ins with everyone. Being able to sit in on those quick calls taught me more about an industry that I honestly didn’t know much about. I think this really helped when it came to my designs. Being able to see the company culture inspired me to create branding that I felt matched the energy and feel of the employees. Overall, I am so thankful for the opportunity Omniboom has given me. Real-world experience is something that is hard to come by as a student and I felt trusted throughout the entire internship and hope that the brand I helped create truly captures the heart of what Omniboom is.”

Thank you, Rachel! We are proud to share the new Omniboom brand!

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