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Employee Spotlight: Omniboom's devices hardware intern shares his thoughts on Edge technology

As a devices hardware intern at Omniboom, my work gives me a unique perspective on the integration space with edge devices. Working with these edge devices has taught me many new things and immersed me into the future of edge computing. It excites me to see where we can go with these devices, especially in regard to neural networks. The small size, tiny power consumption, and incredible processing ability of devices such as the Jetson Nano is bewildering and opens new possibilities that were not possible 5 years ago.

The benefits of these devices for companies, organizations, clubs, and even individuals are almost surreal. It is a very realistic expectation that we will be able to see these small edge devices in homes, offices, hospitals, and hotels all across the world. We are already seeing things akin to these edge devices appearing widespread, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s home.

These edge devices will improve everyone’s quality of life, and with microcomputers such as COMs and SOMs becoming cheaper and smaller, I believe it won’t be long until we find people walking down the streets wearing these small devices in their glasses, name it. No one can say for sure where the future of edge computing will take us, however, I believe we are at the beginning of a new era with these new edge devices.

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