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Bringing AI to Integrations, Intelligently.

Our iPaaS platform, Omniplexus, is a complete solution designed to handle the complexities of integrations. The harmonization of on premises, on-cloud, and on-device information activities through a unified management experience. It is made up of three main functional units: Central, Edge, and Intelligence.

All aspects of Omniplexus are connected through Central, it is where all core functionality of the platform is managed and executed. Edge handles integration activities that run on devices and machines outside of Central, and run independently using its own integration engine.

Bringing AI capabilities to integration design, execution and management, Omniplexus Intelligence is designed to be the virtual manager of the customer's integrations in Omniplexus.

Omniplexus Intelligence raises awareness of detected anomalies, provides assistance with integration design and message transformations, and adjusts service and processing parameters for optimized integration execution, all while continuously learning your integration data and activity.

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