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Beyond the Edge

Our iPaaS platform, Omniplexus, is a complete solution designed to handle the complexities of integrations. The harmonization of on-premises, on-cloud, and on-device information activities through a unified management experience. It is made up of three main functional units: Central, Edge, and Intelligence.

More widely known as Edge computing, "part of a distributed computing topology where information processing is located close to the edge, where things and people produce or consume that information," (Gartner) Omniplexus Edge offers the well-known benefits of Edge computing, such as speed, security, versatility, scalability, and reliability.

Our functionality goes further, with direct interaction with your IoT devices, localized and bridged integrations, consolidation of multiple data sources into a single processing stream, and plug-in architecture and management that enables auto-updating of integration capabilities.

Omniplexus Edge is just one way we are solving the Integration Challenge. Head over to the Contact section to request a demo, or send any questions you may have!

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