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Application Migration

Serving as the coordinator for integration traffic, Omniplexus facilitates transitioning from one application to another through eventual migration
02_Application Migration.png
Step 1


Integration into Application NEXT begins with either a bulit-in or custom Connector to interact with the new application.
Step 2


Integration traffic is routed to Application NEXT using new Policies that do not affect traffic going to Application Current.
As new Policies are created, more traffic is sent to and received from Application NEXT.
Traffic to and from Application Current and Application Next run independently.
02_Application Migration.png
02_Application Migration copy.png
Step 3


At cutover time, Policies that interact with Application Current are deactivated, either in stages or all at once.
Application Next has now replaced Application Current.
In a rollback situation, deactivating and reactivating Policies would restore the previous integration state.
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