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Omniplexus: An intelligent integration platform

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Omniplexus is the engine that keeps information flowing among devices, applications, and systems through stable and secure channels. 

Omniplexus is a complete solution designed to handle the complexities of integrations. The harmonization of on premises, on-cloud, and on-device information activities through a unified management experience. 

All Things Secure:

  • always-on security

  • end-to-end encryption

  • access control and auditing

  • vulnerability detection and alerting


Integration Management:

  • centralized design, monitoring, and management

  • unified integration view

  • rapid design and deploy

  • integration templates

AI Integration Engine:

  • reliable, performant, and resilient

  • learning and self-optimizing

  • activity and threshold monitoring

  • autoscaling



Simple, Secure, Intelligent

Omniplexus provides insight into your integration performance through understandable insight rather than generic tracking data. 

The Omniplexus Platform coordinates microservices and processes with variable lifetimes, provides a resilient infrastructure with scale-out capabilities, and provides an API interface with messaging bus and distributed processing engine. 


Solving the Integration Challenge

The Omniplexus Platform is a no-code solution that enables you to simply and securely connect your data and information between many systems and formats from one, intelligent platform. 

The time and financial commitment to manage a network of diverse, interdependent systems with independent localized behavior can be immeasurable.

Solving the Integration Challenge:

  • cost savings 

  • ease of use 
  • ease of implementation  


The Omniplexus Platform

Omniplexus Edge:

  • localized and bridged network connections


Omniplexus Central:

  • core functionality and integration engine

Omniplexus Intelligence:

  • the learning and governing piece of the platform



Our Mission:

Omniboom was founded in 2017 and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our mission is to solve complex data challenges by providing a business driven, intelligent integration platform that can securely and rapidly connect information from any application or device regardless of location.

We serve customers in the areas of healthcare, government, retail, finance, logistics, and manufacturing through managed services and by subscription to Omniplexus™, its Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) offering. 

Our Vision:

01. Simplify Connectivity among sources of information that should be simply described and managed, leaving the complexity within the solution.

​02. Simplify Security. Data only exists in encrypted form, travels through secure channels, and is only accessible through deeply restricted and recorded methods.​

03. Amplify information. Provide the mechanism for information to be aggregated, reshaped, and understood beyond their original meaning.


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Our Founders:

Richie Brees co-founder/CTO

Product developer specializing in cloud and distributed systems architectures with over 15 years technical experience in the financial, ecommerce, government, and medtech industries.  Manages Research and Development and oversees development of the Omniplexus platform.

​Chris Pacetti co-founder/CEO

Technical and business development professional with over 15 years experience  across various industries (General Motors, P&G, Reynolds & Reynolds, NCR, 5th/3rd).  Following that, became an executive in charge of IT and R&D for a logistics and distribution solution provider. Manages Business development for Omniboom.



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1776 Mentor Ave #212
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212


1 (833) 675-3987

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