Many systems with different interfaces need to communicate

  • Inventory from your Warehouse Management System needs to communicate with your Point-of-Sale systems
  • Orders from your Point-of-Sale systems need to communicate with your Warehouse Management System and Order Management System
  • Customer data from orders need to be sent to your Customer Relationship Management system

Data moving between systems needs to be changed according to business-driven criteria

  • Inventory from your Warehouse Management System needs to be distributed among your sales channel systems from a single source of data
  • Safety-stock calculations, priority factors, time-based allocation

Empowered business user given operations and analytical capabilities

  • Proactive monitoring and healing mechanisms
  • Quick access suspend/resume functionality from an easily accessed portal
  • Activity monitoring and reporting

Significantly reduced time between change request and delivery

  • Keep all of your systems synchronized
  • Keep all of your environments (DEV, QA, Staging, Production) synchronized
  • Testable changes quickly and easily deployed


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