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Event Based Architecture Integrations


simply connected, intelligently

Omniplexus: An Intelligent Integration Platform

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omniplexus integration platform
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Event Streaming

Event streaming enables decoupling, and that matters to your developers and team members who need the ability to work on various applications independently on the same events, which increases efficiency and decreases costs.


With Event-Streaming, you are able to add new services with very minimal system modifications due to asynchronous functionality and decoupling of publishers from subscribers. This results in more reliable data and better-performing systems. 


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The Omniplexus Platform is our flagship product that enables you to simply and securely connect your data and information between many systems and formats from one, intelligent platform utilizing Event-Based architecture and Event Streaming.

Why Event-Based?  Because it's faster, more reliable, and more flexible than traditional workflow-based integrations.

event streaming

Event-Based Approach


Event-Driven architecture not only solves integration challenges, but it improves overall application performance. Add it to any environment to create an asynchronous system by way of event streams and messages and enable seamless communication between services. 


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Event Storming is a rapid, iterative, interactive approach to business process discovery that establishes a common and shared language between Business & IT.  Event Storming places technical implementation details in context of the business process and forces important questions about the customer journey early in the ideation process.

What used to take weeks can be accomplished in hours, reducing the time it takes to create a comprehensive business domain model


Event Storming

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All Things Secure

Our always-on security means one less thing for you to worry about. Security features include end-to-end encryption, access control and auditing, and vulnerability detection and alerting. 


integration management

Integration Management

We set out to make integrations as simple as possible, for any technical level. We do this with integration templates, centralized design, monitoring and management, a unified integration view, and rapid design and deploy.

event based integration engine

AI Integration Engine


We bring AI capabilities to integration design, execution, and management with continuous learning, anomaly awareness and detection, integration design and message transformation assistance, and much more.


omniplexus integration platform


omniplexus integration platform

What we do


Whether you're changing your back-end systems or adding new platforms to your growing business; we have the functionality and expertise to create the right integration solution for you.


integrations IoT Internet of Things


IoT sensors and devices are valuable resources for gaining insight and optimizing efficiency.  We connect these devices to your platforms so you can take advantage of all information available in your organization.


AI Enablement

AI Enablement

Finding the right algorithm or platform that can solve AI/ML problems is the easy part.  The challenge is getting the data required by the platform in the time and format that is required.  Our vast network of AI solutions will enable the right solution for you.

AI Enablement
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App Modernization

Applications need to be reliable, scalable, supportable, and cost-effective.  We create your modern application using microservices, Kubernetes, DAPR, and cloud-based platforms.

Application Modernization Event Streaming

Event Streaming

Event-Based allows your team to work on various integrations independently, which increases the speed of implementation, and Event Streaming results in more reliable and better-performing integrations.

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integration and front cover-07.png
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Solving the Integration Challenge

The time and financial commitment to manage a network of diverse, interdependent systems with independent localized behavior can be immeasurable.


Omniplexus is the engine that keeps information flowing among devices, applications, and systems through stable and secure channels. 

omniplexus integration platform
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Simple, Secure,

Omniplexus provides insight into your integration performance through understandable insight rather than generic tracking data. 

Our platform coordinates microservices and processes with variable lifetimes, provides a resilient infrastructure with scale-out capabilities, and provides an API interface with messaging bus and distributed processing engine. 


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box and who we are-115.png
solving the integration challenge

Solving the

Integration Challenge


Omniplexus was developed with your cost savings, ease of use and ease of implementation top of mind.  


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What do you want to connect?

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Adobe Analytics
Azure Cogitive Services
Big Commerce
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Data Lake
Data Robot
Microsoft D365
Google Analytics
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
NetSuite by Oracle
Amazon S3
Snowflake data
Tradevine by TradeMe
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Pre-built Connectors


Omniplexus provides out-of-the-box connectivity to numerous SaaS applications and the list is always growing.

If you don't see the connector you are looking for, you can reach out through our contact page to request a connector or find out if it is already part of our ever-growing ecosystem

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